Frequently Ask Questions


A Door Phone System enables you to communicate with your visitors from inside your house or apartment without opening the door. Two types of Door Phones are available: Audio Door Phone and Video Door Phone. A Door Phone System consists of a unit placed at the entrance of your house/apartment (door station) and of a unit inside your house/apartment (audio or video door phone). The power supply is centralized and can be installed near your power distribution box.

How does a Door Phone System work?

The visitor arrives at your entrance which is locked. He presses the call button. Inside his house, the resident hears the bell sound and lifts the receiver. He can talk immediately to the visitor and see him (Video Door Phone). If the resident wants to let the person come inside, he can now press the door release button on his door phone. After on-hooking the receiver, the picture on your screen disappears after a few seconds.

How long can I talk via the door phone?

Unlike other systems, with ELCOM's Door Phone you can talk to your visitor as long as the receiver is lifted.

What is the difference between analogue and digital door station?

Analogue door station: every call button is connected to a specific flat. Thus, the visitor and the user are connected directly with the press of a single bell button through electronic switching unit. Digital door station: visitor will type in the flat number on a 4 x 3 keypad matrix and then press the call button to get connected to the user. The advantage of having the digital door station: compact size of the door station. Up to 256 users can be connected through a single door station.

What is the difference between 1+n and BUS-Technology?

I2-BUS Technology: ideal for large apartment buildings. It connects the phones on the same CAT-5 wire (serial wiring), thus saves on cabling costs. No co-axial cable is required for the video function.

Will the Door Entry System work in case of power failure?

Yes, if additional power backup has been given. ELCOM recommends a battery back-up system (e.g. a standard 500VA UPS) or the connection to your existing power backup system (inverter or generator)

What is the auto-switching function?

The auto-switching function is available in video door phones which have two channels and are used in installations with more than one door station (e.g. in case of bungalows with more than one entrance or buildings with common main door station and individual flat entrance.) This function ensures that your video door phone unit is connected to the door station from where the bell button has been pressed. In case of lifting the receiver without call from door station, the connection to the last active door station will be active. Manual switching is also possible.