Elegant advanced Video Door Phone with 7" Flat TFT-LCD Display and capacitive touch keys, hands-free or with receiver
For Multi-apartment VDP System - 1+n technology


  • Wall-mounted Video Phone with 7" Flat TFT-LCD Display
    Capacitive touch keys for door open function, communication & monitor
    Back light illuminated keys with two way clear & loud audio
    Hands-free or with receiver for privacy in communication with caller
    With built-in 200 snapshot image storage of visitor
    Slot for micro data card to transfer pictures on memory card
    Digital controls for brightness, contrast & color
    Ringer with 3 levels along with mute option for privacy
    Dimensions Phone (W x H x D):  239 x 159 x 35mm
    System runs on 6 Core + Coaxial cable

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ELCOM is manufacturing door phones since 1995 with German technology and design in India.
Powered by the German technology and our in-house innovation of 1+n, elbus and i2-bus & 4W technologies, ELCOM door phone systems are the most reliable, technologically advanced and long lasting door phones in India.
Ideal solution for every home: villa, multi-family house or apartment.


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